Image Hors d’Oeuvres: Ogilvy and BBDO

by Philippe Paget on October 6, 2009

Will be doing the requisite write-ups tonight to supplement all that twittering, but in the meantime here are some teaser shots from Ogilvy and BBDO.



PR Firm Speed-Dating, and the Battle for Digital’s Hand

by Philippe Paget on October 6, 2009


Around 2:30, the Adforum Magical Mystery Tour hit the Paley Center for Media, mainly to hear presentations from PR folks wiggling their toes in the digital and social media spaces.

We got to the auditorium and were stopped at the threshold by AdForum Dream Leader, Hervé de Clerck. He motioned to a pile of books on a small table dividing two sets of chairs, facing each other.

“Pick a book,” he said. Based on which book we picked, we had to sit on either one side of the table or the other.


Digital Dirigible, Meet Brutal Simplicity: MRM Worldwide vs M&C Saatchi

by Philippe Paget on October 6, 2009


2009 marks the 8th year of the Adforum Worldwide Summit. In attendance: 20 countries represented by 28 search consultants, two fewer than last year but still a lively bunch. You’re left with the impression these people, from so many faraway lands, have come to know each other fairly well, and the vibe is a lot like summer camp.


Image Hors d’Oeuvres: MRM Worldwide

by Philippe Paget on October 5, 2009

Mike Cornwell MLM Worldwide

This morning MRM Worldwide was kind enough to chauffeur a bunch of groggy but stalwart search consultants into its offices, then nourish us with just-warmed bagels and well-constructed digital strategies.

More on that as the day winds down. Meantime, above is a shot of Mike Cornwell, recently-inaugurated CEO of MRM Worldwide UK, describing his trajectory to MRM (and the AdForum summit) with an image-rich description of his passions and personal icons.


Adforum World Wide Summit October 2009

by on October 5, 2009

Hervé de Clerck, founder of

Hervé de Clerck, founder of

AdForum’s Worldwide Advertising Summits are held throughout the years to provide industry leaders, consultants and advertisers the opportunity to assess and forecast global advertising industry trends.
Held at global centers such as London, New York Paris and Shanghaï, the Summit attracts the most senior executives of the most successful and innovative agencies from around the world.

Our goal is to provide the participants with up-to-date information on the current situation, objectives and development strategies of some of the global advertising companies.
It is a unique opportunity for Agency CEOs to share their vision with the world new business movers. These meetings are mixed with discussions and panels on themes relevant to the current issues of the industry.

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