Day 2 in Sao Paulo

Starting at R/GA – one of the leading “pure play” digital agencies in the world and, as always, ahead of the curve.  R/GA never disappoints us – and their presence in Brazil and Argentina is already formidable with more than 83 people in the Sao Paulo office and 102 in Buenos Aires.

Barry Wacksman, Chief Growth Officer worldwide for R/GA, gave an update on the agency network and one of its newest initiatives – the R/GA Accelerator – which provides services to start up companies and adds value to the agency offering.  Three strong case studies rounded up an excellent start to the day.

IRIS Worldwide – had set up their show for us in order to demonstrate their activation, eventing and sustainable below line brand work and they did not disappoint us.  “ Participation branding”  is the name of the game and IRIS have developed five rules for brands to make this happen.  Again some excellent case studies were included.

IRIS is now 15 years old as an agency with hubs in London, New York and Sao Paulo and plans for Asia.  Independent and entrepreneurially driven, they are an agency to watch.

Peralta  – one of the most awarded creatives in Brazil started this agency in 2007 and has no plans to sell to a big network – though he is often approached.  Wanting to build an agency like Droga 5 or Wieden and Kennedy, Peralta is succeeding with large clients and competes at top level with the leading Brazil agencies.  “ Emerging advertising for emerging markets”  is Peralta’s clear positioning and their intentions are to collaborate with agencies in South Africa and China as part of their planned growth.

A very strong planning agency, Peralta demonstrated their success through some excellent case studies.

Saatchi & Saatchi – Brazil and worldwide – Worldwide CEO, Kevin Roberts, had flown in for the Summit and gave us a comprehensive update on the entire network including the five ways in which they have transformed this world famous agency.  As always Lovemarks are predominant and this has moved forward to Loveworks.  Their mission:  to deliver the most loved work that is shared.  Saatchi recognizes that consumers are sharing content as soon as they see it, participating in that content and adapting it.  Winning significant business like Walmart, has strengthened Saatchi’s shopper marketing expertise along with its 85 year old relationship with Procter.

HAVAS World Wide – We ended the day and night with Havas who are 5th largest agency in Brazil and very significant on the Latin American continent.  Havas is committed to keeping media, creative and digital all under one roof and it is working very successfully for them in their network.  A return to the 70’s is how they see it but with all the modernity of technology.

Day 1

Grupo Consultores – a specialist research company who collect data on agencies, media and clients – provided us with a comprehensive overview of the ad industry in South America/Latin America.  They really set the scene for the Summit.  The big learnings of the day: (more…)

AdForum Summit Brazil: April 9-12

For the first time, the Adforum Worldwide Summit takes place in Latin America, precisely in Brasil.
Latin America is home to some of the most creative agencies and Sao Paulo is the main subcontinent hub for many global networks.

From 9 to 12 April, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, 15 Agencies, 1 TV network and 1 film production company will host meetings with 20 Agency Management and Search consultants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA.

World legends will participate:
Nizan Guanes, founder and CEO of Grupo ABC, the giant brazilian holding company (with many agency brands including DM9éDDB, Loducca, Pereira O’Dell and Africa, AdAge International Agency of the Year) will introduce his group to the delegates.
Kevin Roberts, the World CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi will fly in to talk about the state of his network and his vision of the future..
Kevin Roberts, the World CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi will fly in to talk about the state of his network and his vision of the future.
To put these meetings into perspective, the Summit will start with a presentation of the Advertising landscape in Latin America, by Grupo Consultores.
Most of the leading agencies in the region, such as BBDO, Lowe, BBH, Ogilvy, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Havas will participate showcasing their Global, Regional or Brazilian capabilities and some of the most interesting rising local agencies such as Santa Clara and Peralta will discuss how they grow in this competing environment. BETC will introduce us to their Brand in Brazil launched 2 months ago with former FBiz chief executive Gal Barradas and Erh Ray, the former chief executive of Borghi/Lowe, as its founders. The Experiential side of the business will be represented by Iris worldwide and Digital by RGA\ which opened in Brazil 3 years ago.
GLOBO, the dominant media player will talk about the very specific situation in Brazil where there are virtually no Media agency. And Tantor will talk about the rise of Content and its influence on Film Production worldwide and in the subcontinent where Creativity is the standard.

Agenda :

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9th, 2014  // (Sao Paulo)

Erh Ray & Gal Barradas, co-CEOs BETC SP

José Luiz Madeira, CEO, ALMAP/BBDO

Sergio Valente, VP, TV Globo


THURSDAY, APRIL 10th, 2014  // (Sao Paulo)               

Barry Wacksman, SVP, R/GA

Ian Millner, CEO, IRIS Worldwide

Alexandre Peralta, Founder, Peralta

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

Ricardo Monteiro, CEO Spain, Portugal, LATAM Havas


FRIDAYAPRIL 11th, 2014  // (Sao Paulo)   

Ulisses Zamboni, CEO, Santa Clara

Jon Peppiatt, BBH

José Borghi, CEO,Borghi Lowe

Marcio Santoro, CEO, Africa

Nizan Guanes, CEO, Grupo ABC

Paulo Queiroz, CEO, DM9/DDB

Fernando Musa, CEO, Ogilvy Brasil

SATURDAY,  APRIL 12th, 2014  //  (Rio de Janeiro)

Ingrid Bragemann,  CEO, Tantor Productions

Liliane Badaró, CEO, Pereira O’Dell Rio


The Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo, one of the most remarquable place in terms of Architecture  will host some of the presentation

The Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo