[AdForum Summit] Day two in London

LONDON: Thursday, 14 April 2011, was a mixed day of traditional, digital and social media agencies, plus some in-depth discussion on the role of consultants/intermediaries, code of conduct etc. Six pitching principles have been established and agreed in the UK by the various key organisations and these will be adopted across most markets it is expected.

Razorfish and Digitas both presented compelling pictures of the future of agencies and We are Social showed us how consumer purchasing behaviour is inextricably linked to social networks.

Razorfish showed us the next five technology trends for 2011 and pointed out that most of them are already happening – more on this when I am back in South Africa.

TBWA Europe Network talked to us about their network and how it is changing, with the Tequila\ brand being eliminated and some new micro networks being established.

Dinner and question-time was with Sir Martin Sorrell, who spoke with great clarity (as we would expect) and enthralled us for more than an hour at Nobu at the Metropolitan. All of the agency “tribes” of WPP were there, with lots of their own news to impart.

Another busy day today, starting at 8.30am with a walk to BBH for breakfast and more presentations and discussions.

Diner @ Westminster Palace

Kate Robinson, U.K. Group Chairman, Euro RSCG Worldwide, gave the AdForum consultants a beautiful and emotional speech during the Euro RSCG diner at Westminster palace

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one in London

LONDON: Yesterday, Wednesday, 13 April 2011 saw R/GA update us all through its special seven hours of digital integration, where we learned about what has happened in the last 15 or so years as analogue has transformed into the new digital age.

We learned about the Ten Contexts of the Digital Era and then what will be happening in mobile and in social media over the next 12 months.

We certainly have a lot to share in terms of what is happening and it was very reassuring to be in the hands of arguably the best integrated digital agency in the world, which, this year saw it become the largest agency of any kind in New York City, surpassing traditional agencies such as Ogilvy.

Later, Euro RSCG took us all to the Houses of Parliament, where we had the special treat, from Lord St John of Bletso, a South African, and viewed the House of Lords, the House of Commons and the Royal chambers within the Parliament buildings.

There is no free dinner, so Euro RSCG asked the consultants to judge its Creative Business Awards and then we enjoyed a delicious, and lively, dinner until late.

What a day, what a place.


More tomorrow! We will be meeting with five agencies, listening to a guru on social shopping and then spending the evening with Martin Sorrell and CEOs of WPP at a dinner hosted by WPP.

The pace of these AdForum Summits is not for the faint-hearted!

AdForum European Summit London 2011

Here it comes again! Tomorrow will start the AdForum European Summit in London gathering as always the creme de la creme of Search Consultants from all around the world. These 3 exiting days will start with a full day of coaching through the mystery of digital communication conducted by RG/A. It will be followed by a mysterious diner hosted by Havas. The following day will involved more than 10 agencies and networks including: TBWA, GYRO, IRIS, SENSE, We are social, Sense, Digitas, Razorfish, and BBH. Thursday evening, Sir Martin Sorell himself will update its host about WPP’s latest development.
We will try to keep you updated every day on this blog as always… Stay connected.